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I am a lawyer, a 2A Advocate, and a personal defense expert. FlipLok is an incredible tool to harden schools and homes. The reassurance it gives to those behind the door gives me the confidence to stand with them. FlipLok is changing the conversation and protecting lives with a fast and easy additional level of protection. COLION NOIR

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A true story, that inspired a mother to protect schools

After a mother hears about an active threat, she and her husband go to work creating the FlipLok

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Support our mission to make every classroom a saferoom with a purchase of our residential locks and sign our petition to standardize school safety protocols link here

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A true story, that inspired a mother to protect schools

3 years ago Anna Reger, the founder of Fliplok was just like you.

She had children in elementary school, college, and beyond. After seeing countless school mass shootings and seeing an active threat in her own hometown, she couldn't wait for someone else to act any longer.

Because of her and her husband's work, we now have Fliplok.

Instead of arguing online, or waiting for politicians, she and her husband designed, developed, and created the FlipLok.

They wanted something that could secure a classroom in seconds, and be activated by anyone present.

The device would have to be stronger than anything before it, simple to use, and would have to work in any classroom.

Door dimensions, cost, installation, thickness of materials, and everything else went into the design of the FlipLok.

After 2 grinding years funded by themselves, they had the FlipLok, something activated with just a flip, 10x stronger than a deadbolt, and accessible by anyone in the classroom to instantly create a saferoom.

Now they are on a mission to get this into every classroom in the United States. This isn't going to solve the issue, but in the process, FlipLok can save lives and protect children while mental health and other core issues are worked on.

Support FlipLok by securing your own family with one of our residential locks. Then ask questions to your school, your PTA, and your administrators. Ask how they are protecting your kids, and advocate for standardization of school safety with our petition and with the FlipLok method.

Thanks for supporting our small business, and we look forward to welcoming you to the FlipLok Family.

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“I bought one for myself first. After figuring out how easy it was to install and then to use… I bought one for all four of my sisters.”


“I like that I can see my FlipLok engaged from my bed. It makes me feel safe and sleep like a baby.”


“I absolutely love the safety insurance FlipLok gives me at school. With upwards of 100 co-ed dorms with approximately 200 people in them, I tend to feel as though the key cards they give us can be handed off to just about anyone. FlipLok ensures I get the sleep I need.”

The Strongest, Fastest, And Easiest Lock




Meet the Founder of FlipLok

Anna is a mother and bonus mom of 6, like any mother, her families safety always comes first.

After a warning for an active threat occurred too close to home, Anna and her husband got into action and set out to create a universal method to protect her family at school, at the office and at home.

Safety you can trust