Peace of mind that your loved ones are safe

10x stronger than a deadbolt

You need to know that nothing will get past your door.

Peace of mind and failproof security; protect yourself and your loved ones with just one flip.

Happy Customers


“I bought one for myself first. After figuring out how easy it was to install and then to use… I bought one for all four of my sisters.”

verified buyer


“I like that I can see my Flip Lok™ engaged from my bed. It makes me feel safe and sleep like a baby.”

verified buyer


“I absolutely love the safety insurance Flip Lok™ gives me at school. With upwards of 100 co-ed dorms with approximately 200 people in them, I tend to feel as though the key cards they give us can be handed off to just about anyone. Flip Lok™ ensures I get the sleep I need.”

verified buyer

How it works

Flip To Lock

It Drops and Locks

Flip To Unlock

Safety you can trust

Can Be Activated By Anyone

Turns Any Room Into a Safe Room Instantly

Un-Pickable Technology

Protect Your Home Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs Flip Lok™?
Can Flip Lok be installed in apartments and temporary housing?
What kind of doors does it work for?
What doors should I install it on?
What tools do I need to install it?
Is this product wheelchair friendly?
How to install the Flip Lok™?
How do I uninstall Flip Lok™?


Meet the Founder of Flip Lok

Anna is a mother (and stepmom!) of seven, and like any mother, she always thinks about her family’s safety.

After an active shooter hit too close to home, Anna and her husband set out to create one universal method to protect her family at school, the office, and home.