FlipLok is the only "ONE MOTION" Unlock Device that is compliant to Fire and ADA Codes.

Bernard Cleboski District Chief

"As District Chief of the Houston Fire Department and being in fire service for twenty-four years, safety is undoubtedly my utmost concern. This concern is exponentially increased when the well-being of children is at stake. When I look back at my years as a firefighter and father of four school-aged children, I mourn the countless losses at the hands of school shooters. FlipLok is the reason I would feel more confident sending my children to school. This product is not only simple to use but is quick and effective, especially since there is a way to open the lock safely and without excessive force that is designed for us firefighters and first responders. A flip is all it takes to save the lives of the children; as a District Chief, that is a win in my book."

FlipLok is code compliant with NFPA, LSC, IBC, and ADA

In 5 mins we can teach the entire school and country the FlipLok system.

FlipLok guarantees the lock for life

Lock Variations Inward Outward

Inward Rotating Lock

Outward Rotating Lock

Unlocking Mechanism & Key

All school locks come with a proprietary unlocking mechanism and key. These are kept from the public, if you are a school official and have questions - email us at info@fliplok.com

Protecting our children, one flip at a time

FlipLok has a unique unlocking device for emergency personnel or administrators to be able to access the room

FlipLok device - Works on Inward and Outward Swinging Doors

Staff and Student training

Standardized Protocol for Schools across America

Our installation team can install FlipLoks in your entire school in less than a day or we can come out and train your staff, engineers, janitors or even your teachers how to install FlipLok.