1. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Flip Lok will replace, at Flip Lok’s cost, any Flip Lok device that suffers a mechanical failure or contains a defect in material or workmanship for as long as Customer owns the device, unless the device was damaged by misuse or faulty installation. Flip Lok offers no other warranty, express or implied, for its devices, products, or materials.

2. Limitation of Liability.
Customer agrees that flip lok will not be liable for any special, indirect, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages related to this agreement or its product in any way. Customer agrees that flip lok will not be liable under any theory of strict liability or product liability related to its products or this agreement in any way. Customer agrees that flip lok will not be liable for any damages caused by the criminal conduct of any person, or caused by any emergency situation such as fire, weather events, or gas or chemical releases. Customer agrees that flip lok will not be liable for any damages that stem from a person being locked in or locked out of a room with a flip lok product. Customer agrees that flip lok is not liable for any damages that stem from improper installation or a faulty door or door frame. In any event whatsoever, customer agrees that flip lok’s total liability for any damages, claims, or causes of action related in any way to this agreement or its products shall not exceed the purchase price.

3. No Representations, Use of Devices.
Customers understand and agree that Flip Lok’s products are intended to provide an additional layer of security for their users, but that Flip Lok cannot make any warranties, representations, or guarantees that its products will stop or deter any crime, or that its products will withstand a determined attempt to break through a door. Customer agrees, and understands that the strength of a Flip Lok products is limited by the material it is affixed to, and that Flip Lok’s products must be properly installed in a robust door frame to be effective.

Flip Lok Intellectual Property.
Customer agrees that it will only use Flip Lok’s devices for its own internal use, and will not use the devices to reverse engineer them or use the devices or any materials or information supplied by Flip Lok to create a similar or competing product.
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