Intruder-proof your spaces.

The security solution for offices, hotels, and buildings.

Fight Back with Flip Lok

Can Be Activated By Anyone

Turns Any Room Into a Safe Room Instantly

Un-Pickable Technology

Flip Lok is code compliant with NFPA, LSC, IBC, and ADA

In 5 mins we can teach the entire school and country the Flip Lok system.

Flip Lok guarantees the lock for life

How It Works

Flip To Lock

It Drops and Locks

Flip To Unlock

For commercial orders, we can provide:

Professional on-site installation or virtual installation assistance

Safety protocol demonstrations for active shooter situations across the USA

Video training resources for protection, prevention, and detection of active shooter and other threats to commercial workspaces.


Activate your security system in less than a second.

There is no need to replace your current door systems. It is easy to install on the door frame and is designed to be placed at an ADA-compliant height so anyone can reach it.