Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs FlipLok?
Can FlipLok be installed in apartments and temporary housing?
What kind of doors does it work for?
What doors should I install it on?
What tools do I need to install it?
Is this product wheelchair friendly?
How to install the FlipLok?
How do I uninstall FlipLok?
Will this product work on French Doors?
Can I install FlipLok with a metal door jamb?
Does FlipLok have a (HOME) Outward Swinging home lock?
I would like to make our closet into a safe retreat. The closet door hinges are on the right side as I enter the closet, and the door swings towards me if I am going in. Can a Flip Lock be installed to keep a door from being pulled open, rather than pushed?
I intend to install your lock on our inward swinging master bedroom door. The 6 hole plate looks too deep. There is mention of a smaller plate for interior doors. Is that included in the purchase of a residential lock unit? If not, how do I obtain that smaller plate?
Hello. I sent an inquiry about commercial FlipLok prices. The person I spoke with on the phone asked me to send a photo of our door type. Unfortunately, I am unable to attach or copy and paste in this form. Please let me know an email address that I can send the photos to. Thank you.
Does the FlipLok work on the residential double front door? I’m trying to install an additional lock on my front door and found your product which looked great.
This seems like a great idea and secure lock. Are there any plans to make this in black? thank you
Do you offer a military discount?
How do I apply for the discount?