The FlipLok Story

How One Mother Decided to Protect her Family and the World

Meet the Founder of FlipLok

Anna is a mother (and stepmom!) of seven, and like any mother, she always thinks about her family’s safety.

After an active shooter hit too close to home, Anna and her husband set out to create one universal method to protect her family at school, the office, and home.

I made FlipLok to be the simplest security system you can find on the market

My name is Anna Reger and I created FlipLok because too many women are unprotected in their homes. Whether you live alone or are a mother (like me), after the craziness of a long day, we deserve to let down our guard when we get home. Whether you’ve given someone a spare key, or your building manager has access to your apartment, the FlipLok ensures no threats can open your door.

Timeline Roadmap

bullet April 2019: First idea
bullet September 2019: First prototype
bullet September 16, 2021: Final prototype
bullet September 16, 2021: Registered as (LLC)
bullet Patented Sept 23, 2021 US Patent #11,447,993 B1
bullet July 22, 2022: Green light on Production
bullet July 31, 2022: Website Completion
bullet August 1, 2022: Official Launch
First idea: April 2019
Registered as (LLC): September 16, 2021
First prototype: September 2019
Final prototype: September 16, 2021
Green light on Production: July 22, 2022
Website Completion: July 31, 2022
Official Launch: August 1, 2022333
Multiple Patents Pending

Vision for the Future:

Vision for the Future:

We are actively working with school districts and governments to implement the FlipLok system in schools across America.

Our goal is to enable Americans to protect themselves and their families wherever they are: at the office, school, and home.