All school products are compliant with

Bernard Cleboski District Chief

"As District Chief of the Houston Fire Department and being in fire service for twenty-four years, safety is undoubtedly my utmost concern. This concern is exponentially increased when the well-being of children is at stake. When I look back at my years as a firefighter and father of four school-aged children, I mourn the countless losses at the hands of school shooters. FlipLok is the reason I would feel more confident sending my children to school. This product is not only simple to use but is quick and effective, especially since there is a way to open the lock safely and without excessive force that is designed for us firefighters and first responders. A flip is all it takes to save the lives of the children; as a District Chief, that is a win in my book."

In 5 mins we can teach the entire school and country the FlipLok system.

Every FlipLok has a Lifetime Warranty

Tested and Certified to UL10C, CAN/ULC-S104, NFPA and IBC Code

FlipLok complies with all egress standards in IBC, ADA, and 2015 Life Safety standards

Lockdown in just a Flip and egress in with one motion

Lock Variations Inward Outward

Patented Locking Device

Outward Rotating Lock

Patented One Motion Unlocking Device

All school locks come with a proprietary unlocking mechanism and key. These are kept from the public, if you are a school official and have questions - email us at

Protecting our children, one flip at a time

FlipLok has a unique unlocking device for emergency personnel or administrators to be able to access the room

FlipLok device - Works on Inward and Outward Swinging Doors

Staff and Student training

Standardized Protocol for Schools across America

Our installation team can install FlipLoks in your entire school in less than a day or we can come out and train your staff, engineers, janitors or even your teachers how to install FlipLok.